A New Normal: Navigating a Remote Workspace during COVID-19

March 1, 2022


In the COVID-19 world, as businesses face challenges across all aspects of their operations, how do we keep up the momentum we had before all of this? Now-adays things are very different. As businesses find themselves financially challenged, individuals struggle to keep up with the workload with home distractions. It is more important than ever to organise your workload in a proactive and affordable way. In this article I will outline some ways in which I personally found useful when adjusting to a remote workspace, some tried and tested methods and some budget-friendly supplies you could get to help with your new office space.

We will outline a key set of questions for you to ask yourself in order to help you decide what sort of worker you are, then we will give you some suggestions to help make your home-office more comfortable in order for you to get more work done, and in turn become a remote working powerhouse!

Does your work require a lot of time at the desk?

Do you spend 4/5 at your desk working? If so, we suggest getting a back-support for your chair, long hours in an uncomfortable position will cause you to suffer pain and struggle with lack of concentration as a result. Here you can buy one priced only at £5.95. Back Support For Desk Chair. Even when businesses are in a position to open up their offices again, this little back support will be a life saver. In addition, it is great for your body to practice your posture and reset your back, so this back support will help you in a few ways.

Are you the type of person to be affected by your surroundings?

Does noise and mess affect the level of concentration and zen you might experience? If so, you might be in need of renovating your office space, you don’t need a lot of space for this and a large budget, you can update your workspace with a plant, or a desk organiser and you can get noise-canceling earphones or earplugs to help keep your mind on your work. Not only are plants a good way to update a space but it’s a known fact that plants help calm anxiety and stress just by being near you, how could you not buy that plant now! Here are some budget-friendly suggestions I found. This swiss cheese plant is only £5.00 for a mini one, and they are very easy to care for and don’t need too much light and water! Monstera Adansonii (swiss cheese plant). This desk organiser is £2.99 from The Range and comes in three different colours, Desk Organiser. In addition, these foam earplugs are £2.59 Earplugs. It only takes a few items to organise your desk and keep your concentration up and your stress levels down.

Do you get headaches from staring at a screen all day?

This one is not reserved only for COVID-19 solutions but everyday solutions. I recently invested in a pair of blue light glasses, and I’ve found they have helped with my eye health and also reduced the amount of tension headaches I’ve had from staring at screens all day. Blue light glasses or blue light blocking glasses contain special lens designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye. Blue light is just one type of light source mainly emitted from the sun, but we recently there have been claims that eye health can be damaged by prolonged exposure to screens, e.g. computer screens, phone screens and iPad or tablet screens. I found a nice pair for just under a tenner, priced at £9.99 with free delivery, here.

Do you struggle to complete everything on your daily task list?

If this is sounds like you then this last WFH solution will be right down your street. I, too, find myself struggling to stay on course and complete all the tasks on my daily tasks list. I find one way that helps me is by creating a to-do-list everyday and as well as this, you could organise your days better with an organiser, or a planner. I found mine at Paperchase, it has an inspirational quote for each month and it helps me get through the week, knowing what I’ve done and seeing my tasks get filed and completed. It really helps to see it on paper in my opinion. You can buy any planner, or organiser, but I’ve saved you the hassle and found a few nice affordable ones here;

All in all, since COVID-19 has been around, it has been a difficult time for everyone and as much as it is important to get on with things and get work done, it is just as important to listen to what your body needs and to take a break when your stress levels get too high. Remember to take a breather and try out some of my suggestions if you answered yes to any of these questions.

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